Dreadful Sharks Free Screensaver

Dreadful Sharks Free Screensaver

Dreadful Sharks Free Screensaver is a scary screensaver with images of sharks

Dreadful Sharks Free Screensaver is a scary screensaver that includes images of different types of sharks in the ocean. The images are of pretty good quality and they were taken very close to the creatures. Some of the sharks you will see are: the great white shark, angel shark, blacktip reef shark, to name but a few.

The screensaver can also show a digital clock in one of the corners of your screen, which can display the time in two formats (24h o 12h) and also a FPS counter. What is more, you can set the screensaver to work according to your computer's available resources - by increasing or decreasing quality and even customizing the duration of time the images remain on the screen, the image transition time, and the screen brightness. Unfortunately, the screensaver doesn't include sounds or music, which could make it much more frighting or interesting. Bear in mind that the transition effects will always be the same because there's no option to change them.

In short, I really don't know who would want to see these dreadful creatures every day, but if you are a fan of sharks, this might interest you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of images
  • Good quality
  • You can add a clock
  • Free


  • No music or sounds
  • Only one transition effect
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